I want to Learn SQL Querying!

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Reporting

As a Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM / MECM / SCCM /ConfigMgr ) administrator, you will be asked to create reports. MECM Reporting really really SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting. In some case it is Power BI Desktop or Power BI Report Server (PBRS). All of these require you to know TSQL or SQL for short. SQL is the query language of SQL Server. So the the question comes up in reddit or elsewhere. I want to Learn SQL Querying! The article will give you a few references.

Learn SQL Querying

Learn SQL Querying Courses

Here are two free SQL Courses to help you learn TSQL.

Intro SQL Query course

Advance SQL Query course

These two course are really two articles or two complete interactive Online SQL training sessions. When I first saw these, I liked their setup.

As a ConfigMgr Admin, not everything within these course will you need or want to use but they are important to know!

Intro SQL Query course

The first site starts off with the basics. From a SMS perspective, here are some of the topics covered:

  • Table Basic
  • Selecting Data
  • Deleting Record
  • Deleting Tables

Advance SQL Query course

The second course is an advance course; it covers:

  • Selecting Data
  • Function (Min, Max, Count, etc.)
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Order By
  • Where
  • Between
  • Mathematical Operators ( =, >, <, etc)
  • Joins
  • Other Database Site Links

I long ago passed my Microsoft SQL Exams. There are new Azure exams that you might find interesting. Consider that on your career path. What other topics should I cover? Have you learned about Joins and the different types? What about the MECM view views? What make a good MECM dashboard?

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