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This blog is a collection of Fun Links, that I saved from the Blog Clean Up! All of the fun links are not serious, So enjoy.

Fun links

Canadian, Please

The video got striped out of the blog post.

Here is the link to the video.

Don’t Do IT

Here is yet another reason why you should not fly though O’hare! I will not do it again! (It is the only airport that I’m aware in a Snow zone that clearly does not know how to handle snow) Plus United loss my luggage for 3 days! And the would not provide any compensation!

The Mr. Script Song

I found this link in my inbox this morning Enjoy! and Happy Holidays.

Which Programming Language are You?

These days I do alot of programing, so I was interested in this Quiz.

I turned out to be.

You are Prolog. You enjoy looking for different ways to solve a problem. You take longer to solve them, but usually come up with more than one solution.
Which Programming Language are You?

This is not one of the languages that I have used before. I have programed in:

  • GWBasic
  • QBasic
  • Sbasic
  • Pascal
  • C
  • Assembly
  • and now
  • VB.NET

It’s Still SMS to Me

Bob Lawler post this within the MCT newsgroup (yes, Ron newsgroup 😉 ), I thought that I would re-posted it here.

(Sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s It’s Still Rock-n-Roll to Me)

It’s Still SMS to Me

What’s the matter with the new stuff, baby?

Can’t you tell all names are wrong?

Maybe you could stop calling it “MOM”

“System Center Operations Manager”‘s too long

What’s so bad about the new branding, honey?

It does a lot more for about the same money

But is it “Sick ‘em?” Is it “Scum?” Well, I don’t like either one

Oh, it’s still “SMS” to me

What’s the matter with the new SMS title?

Don’t you know that it’s a lot to say?

“System Center Configuration Manager?”

No one knows what it is anyway

Call me a curmudgeon, say I’m too sentimental

But I don’t use Notepad for my logs; I use Trace to full potential

And though Legacy is gone, Advanced Client still lives on

So, it’s still “SMS” to me

Oh, it doesn’t matter what you call the new version

‘Cause it still does all the same great things

Metering, Inventory, Distributin’ and Deployin’

And the whole new Remote Tools thing …

But where’s that old thermometer for PING?

Ooooooooo …

How about you call it “S-C-S-M”

So that people will know what it is?

You mean “System Center System Manager?”

No, that would make too much sense.

“CCM” is what it’s always been, baby

Not to call it “Config Manager” — now, that would just be crazy

Oh, I don’t care what ya call it; Wally’s fingerprints are on it

So, it’s still “SMS” to me.

So, what’s the matter with the product names, baby?

Oh, those acronyms are hard to speak

Try to say a word that sounds like “S-C-C-M”

Bet your mouth is gonna hurt all week

Don’t you know it’s not just about the letters?

Shorten some of the words, that’ll make it all better

ConfigMgr! OpsMgr! ProtectMgr? Essentials, for sure …

No, it’s still “SMS” to me.

The years have come and gone; Cathy Moya has moved on,

But, it’s still “SMS” to me.

Is it “Sick ‘em?” Is it “Scum?” I don’t like either one

It’s still “SMS” to me.

Parody lyrics © 2008 Bob Lawler


I hope that you enjoy the fun links and let me know if I should do this again.