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How to use WMI Explorer!

As a ConfigMgr administrator understand WMI is important part of the job. ConfigMgr Hardware inventory using WMI to collect data. On top of that, ConfigMgr itself use WMI to interface with its backend and SQL server using WMI too. Using Wbemtest or WMIC or PowerShell...

Changing ConfigMgr Report Account Password, How do I do it?

This comes of fairly often within Reddit or other forums, Changing ConfigMgr Report Account Password, How do I do it? What people do is change the account password within Active Directory (AD). Then they change the dataset password and everything works great for 10...


While working on my article What is Parsename and 4 Part Version String?, I was looking at my IP address of many of my system and notice that they have both IP v4 and IP v6 address. This is NOT generally a problem as I almost never include IP address in a report, but...

What Is Parsename and 4 Part Version String?

In my article from last week, What Is A 4-Part Version Numbers? I showed you how Add Remove Program (ARP) versions are actually a string and not a number, like most people think it is. But how can you query the 3rd octet of a version string, if the math function don’t...

What is a 4-part version numbers?

The problem of querying 4-part version numbers has long been a problem. I have seen many solutions, but none are 100% fool proof, until now. But what is a 4-part version numbers? This article will go into details to explain 4-part version numbers and how SQL Server...

What is RDCM?

As a Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr / MCM) admin, I spend my time switching between differ servers. Over the years, I have come to LOVE Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCM), which is one of the Sysinternals tools! Recently I was showing a team...

How to Code Sign PowerShell

There is a very long story about PowerShell, ConfigMgr, Jeffrey Snover, and me. The short version is that story is that I’m getting to use PowerShell to its fullest now. In today world, a Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr / MCM) administrator must...

How to Create a Code Signing Certificate

Where to start with this article. As a Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr / MCM) administrator we wear many hats. Working with Certificates is just one of the hats! We all know that we can make our environment more secure by leveraging Certs for things...

How to Configure AD Certificate Server

This step-by-step guide will show you how to configure AD certificate server. Active Directory (AD) Certificate Services acronym is either ADCS or AD CS. You should also note that many people will call it a cert server or just certs. This article assume that you have...

How to Install AD Certificate Services

A Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM / MECM / SCCM / ConfigMgr) administrator wears many hats. One of the hats means that we need to know about Certificate. This is becoming more import as thing move to the cloud and become more secure. Most ConfigMgr...

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