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As MEM admin we are asked to control the world! But it is not always easy! It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man shop or the biggest MEM company in the world! There isn’t enough Jolt cola in the world to do it on your own!

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It can be stressful when you don’t know where to start with MEM! Worse yet MEM is so LARGE! Who can know everything about it?

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How to use WMI Explorer!

As a ConfigMgr administrator understand WMI is important part of the job. ConfigMgr Hardware inventory using WMI to collect data. On top of that, ConfigMgr itself use WMI to interface with its backend and SQL server using WMI too. Using Wbemtest or WMIC or PowerShell...

What Is Parsename and 4 Part Version String?

What Is Parsename and 4 Part Version String?

In my article from last week, What Is A 4-Part Version Numbers? I showed you how Add Remove Program (ARP) versions are actually a string and not a number, like most people think it is. But how can you query the 3rd octet of a version string, if the math function don’t...