“Invalid object name” in SSMS

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Last updated on August 2nd, 2022 at 10:21 am

As a Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM / MECM / SCCM / ConfigMgr ) administrator We are not always well verse with SQL Server and its errors. Particularly within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). In this Article and video, we will show you how to solve the “Invalid object name” in SSMS

The problem

This problem occurs when you connection to your SQL server using SSMS but forget to change the database to your ConfigMgr. The solution to this is simple, using the drop down menu change the database from master to you CM database. The you can re-run your query. I know that it sound simple and it is but it trips up everyone until it become second nature to change the database.

Isn’t it the simple thing that trip us up, After watching this video, It will NO longer trip you up! I know the little things can trip me up!

Invalid object name Video steps

In this video we will show SCCM admins how to get rid of the invalid object name error that is caused by not being connected to the Configuration Manager (CM) database.

You know the error, we have all seen it!

Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Invalid object name ‘dbo.v_R_System’.


This video will show you how to set your SQL server default database to be the CM database.



What other SQL Query or SSMS things trip you up? What other tips and tricks would you like me to show you? Do adding videos like this help make the problem easier to understand and see the solution? Let me know!

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