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So to celebrate my 40th birthday I purchased a 40 year old bottle of Scotch. The funny story about this was I “carded”. By that I mean they asked to check my id, not because they didn’t think I was 19. But  because who would buy a pricy bottle? I had to have the LCBO order it in from Toronto stores. As it was not available in the Ottawa area. As an aside, it took about a week and a bit to get shipped up from Toronto to Ottawa.

Highland Park 1966

40 Year Old Duncan Taylor

Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Duncan Taylor

70cl / 41.5%

40 year old Scotch

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Bottler: Duncan TaylorSeries: Rare AuldAge: 40 year Old
Vintage: 1966Bottle Date: Dec 2006# of Bottles: 294
Country: ScotlandRegion: IslandCask Number: 11009
Chill Filtered: NoColouring: No

Needless to say, On Sunday night, some of my friends “who are of the correct age” had a dram of Scotch. Let just say that everyone who partake, really enjoyed this scotch! Everyone thought it was worth it this one time! At the price the LCBO is charging this is NOT a daily dinking whiskey! But feel free to order a bottle or two, and let me know if you do, as I will stop by for a dram.

What do you think my chance are that Ellen (my wife) will let me buy this 50 year old scotch in 10- years from now?

Highland Park 50 Year Old

Hand-bottled from two Spanish oak hogsheads, Highland Park 50 Year Old is a fruity, spicy Island single malt with a big character. Resting quietly in the distillery’s most northerly warehouse for five decades, this whisky has notes of sweet dried fruits, dark Muscovado sugar and black cherries mingling with spicy nutmeg, cedar wood and gentle peat smoke. This whisky is presented in a hand-crafted oak box and comes with a specially-designed crystal decanter, encased in polished silver-plated metal

Yes, I do have bottle 277 / 294 from cask 11009!