What does the acronym you use, say about you?

by | Nov 4, 2022 | ConfigMgr

Last updated on March 23rd, 2024 at 01:04 pm

Lawful Good

Neutral Good

Chaotic Good


MEMCM Logo - Microsoft Endpoint Manage Configuration Manager


or CfgMan or CfgMgr
Config Man Logo - Configuration Manager


SMS Logo- System Management Server

Lawful Neutral

True Neutral

Chaotic Neutral


MCM - Microsoft Configuration Manager


ConfigMgr Logo - Configuration Manager


CM Logo - Configuration Manager

Lawful Evil

Neutral Evil

Chaotic Evil


MECM - Logo Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager


SCCM Logo - System Center Configuration Manager


SCCMCB Book - System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch

What does the acronym you use, say about you?

The other day I posted a twitter poll about What acronym do you use for Configuration Manage! And wow it caused a lot of rucks. Twitter polls only allow you to have four items. Well, I was missing several that people like to use. To have fun with I created a “Fun Blog” on what does each acronym say about you! So, what are you? Let me know on twitter @Garthmj.

Lawful Good – MEMCM

You are a die-hard Configuration Manage administrator that doesn’t see/care that Microsoft has “manager” listed twice in the name. You like to follow MS lead. And now that MS (at least the marketing team) has killed MEMCM, Long Live MCM!

Neutral Good – ConfigMan

Using this acronym is a mix of good and rebel. If ConfigMgr are Paladin, then ConfigMan are Rangers. They are a bit more flexible than their ConfigMgr cousins.

Chaotic Good – SMS

This one leads to two different types of people. The first type is old timers who have been around since Y2K. The second type of people are curious developers who need to why things are called SMS even today! In either case you are in so excellent company! If you are reading this because you think this has anything to do with cellphones then to help bring you into the good company, SMS = Systems Management Server.

Lawful Neutral – MCM

This is the latest in a long line of acronyms for Configuration Manager. But does this make you leading edge? The jury is still out on this one. But it does make you a social butterfly as you like to go to conference and be on top of what is going on in Configuration Manager world. See you at https://mmsmoa.com/ or Workplace Ninja.

True Neutral – ConfigMgr

Only true ConfigMgr Admins know it’s true official acronym! You cringe at all the other made-up acronyms. Wally taught you well! This makes you a paladin in the ConfigMgr world.

Chaotic Neutral – CM

Calling it CM, seem like a great idea until you realize that there are many different vendors with Configuration Manager. This gives you a dual personality of too busy to type the few extra characters and liking the chaos of ambiguity. My name is Bryan Dam and I love technically correct answer that are ambiguous, particularly when talking to Garth!

Lawful Evil – MECM

If you are using MECM, it’s because you find using Manager twice within an acronym unnerving. You understand why it was called that way, but you secretly know your way is better. Even the product team using this moniker within the console! This makes you a rebel! May the force be with you!

Neutral Evil – SCCM

You know people love this acronym, but it has NEVER been officially called it at any time in Configuration Manager life! Why because Society of Critical Care Medicine has that honor. If you are still using this one, it is time to pay your dues and donate to the Society, just $10 UDS is enough. If you still doubt this to be true check out the Microsoft Official Glossary of Microsoft Acronyms.

Update 2024-03-23, Microsoft has caved and add SCCM to their list now. Go figure.

Chaotic Evil – SCCMCB

Yes, for a very short time it was call System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch. There are many MVPs to help write this book (and others) with that title! If you are still using this one, you are stuck in the late 2010’s. It is time to move on. Although you better own this book and don’t forget to ask the author to sign it at MMSMOA or other conferences! It is a collector’s item!

I would like to thank Bryan Dam, Marty Miller and host of others to helping put this list together!

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