Pet peeves

by | Apr 20, 2007 | odds and ends

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While reviewing Rod’s book I was reminded of one of my pet peeves.

One of my pet peeves is when the package source is listed as a drive letter instead of as a UNC path. Why you ask? Have you every tried to troubleshoot why a package is not deploying to a distribution point (DP)?

Example 1            


Example 2


One of the first steps is to confirm that the package source is available. In a large environment this can be tedious, particularly if you are troubleshooting a down-level primary child site or a site that you are not familiar with all the details.


Using the two examples above these are the steps that I would take to confirm the package source location.


For example 1:

–         Determine the server name for this site

–         Map a drive to that server

–         Then drill down to the directory where the file where located.

–         Un-map the drive.


Some of these step might seen to be stupid but think about it for a minute. What if you look after a large environment where there are many SMS administrators. Do you know the name of each primary site server, even if you didn’t set it up in the first place?


I would regularly have site servers listed in my console that other SMS administrators would manage. This was because I would get a phone call asking for help and I would do so but do you think that I would ever remember the name of each server? No.


For example 2:

–         Copy and paste the UNC path to the run command


Like many administrators I follow the Lazy Administrator philosophy. Why do more that you have too?

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