Midwest Management Summit at Mall of America (MMSMOA) 2019

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Once again, our very own Chief Architect, Garth Jones, will be presenting at the Midwest Management Summit at Mall of America (MMSMOA) 2019. Hence, this year’s edition of the conference runs from May 6-9, 2019.

May 6 – 9, 2019
Radisson Blu
Mall of America
Minnesota, USA

Furthermore, Garth will be presenting several sessions at MMSMOA 2019 alongside his co-presenters Brian Mason (Wells Fargo), Erik Reitan (Microsoft), and Matthew Hudson (Schlumberger). Garth’s session topics focus on Configuration Manager (SCCM) reporting, and he will also help moderate the all-important Tips & Tricks Showcase. During the showcase you’ll have a chance to win a Surface Book 2! You can read more about each of Garth’s sessions below.

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MMSMOA 2019 Sessions

Start to Finish: Using Power BI with Intune Data Warehouse

The title says it all for this session! Garth Jones and Erik Reitan walk you through each step from how to install Power BI to connecting to the Microsoft Intune Data Warehouse. Next you’ll learn how to collect details from Intune and then how to display those details in some good-looking reports!

Learning objectives:

  • How to install Power BI.
  • How to connect to the Microsoft Intune Data Warehouse.
  • The basics on how to query the Microsoft Intune Data Warehouse.

2×4 Building a Good Foundation for Reporting in Configuration Manager

A 2×4 is one of the basic building blocks of any home. If there are broken or misplaced 2×4’s, your house will be in trouble. Reporting is no different, but understandably the challenges are different! This session shows you how to build a good foundation for your reports. Using basic reporting concepts for both Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Garth Jones and Matthew Hudson show you a number of tips and tricks!

What you will learn:

  • How to write a proper query for both Power BI and SSRS reports.
  • How to create donut charts, pie charts and more!
  • The best tools to use for report writing.

Tips & Tricks Showcase

This is your opportunity to ‘step up to the mic’ and show your flare! Join this tips and tricks beer session to boast about something you’ve created, enhanced, or taken to a new level (no vendor stuff please!). Top level Surface Book 2’s will be given away randomly to participants! 1-4 minutes max per person. This year, the session might be recorded because so many tips fly by so quickly that it’s hard to take notes.

Moderated by Garth Jones and Brian Mason.


  • Learn about all the cool stuff that your peers are doing in Systems Management.
  • Everyone has something to share, sometimes you don’t need to look that far!
  • Most importantly, have fun!
Midwest Management Summit at Mall of America (MMSMOA) 2019

Getting more from MMS

In order to see the complete schedule of events and sessions at MMSMOA 2019, check out this list!

At MMSMOA, unlike other conferences, you’ll have time to meet and talk to all of the speakers. The speakers will be wearing red jackets and they want to hear from you! No rushing people out of sessions to get the next presentation going. Take the time you need to absorb what you see and talk it over with fellow attendees and speakers.

Additionally, If you want to pre-book some time to talk to Garth, please feel free to contact us and we will make the arrangements or you can catch him at one of his sessions or at one of the receptions.

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Hope to see you at the Midwest Management Summit at Mall of America (MMSMOA) 2019!

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