As I was reading Garth Jones’ blog post on how to remotely determine the SMS provider using WBEMTest, I realized that that wasn’t the method I would use. Not to disagree with my esteemed colleague (LOL!!) but I determine the SMS provider in the following way:

Windows Management Instrumentation Tester

Click on the Connect… button.


In the Namespace text box type \\<servername>\root\sms. In my example, the server is called cm12-cm4.

Click on Connect.

Select Recursive

Select Recursive when prompted and then click on the OK button.

SMS Provider Location

Locate SMS_ProviderLocation () and double click on it.


Click on the Instances button.

Determine the SMS Provider - Result

And Voila! We now know the SMS provider name which we can use to query our site server for other details! If you have any questions, please reach out to me @Enhansoft or leave a note in the comment section below.