Energize IT Event

by | Jun 17, 2007 | odds and ends

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 11:41 am

It is now the day after the Energize IT Event for me I have bee in Toronto since Thursday getting and helping out for this event. It was a Great event and I hope that we can do it again Soon! Let not wait 10 years before it happens. Here are a few of the people who made this event possible.


Jeff and Kerry

John and Jeff

Sim (Working the camcorder)

Ruth (middle) along with 2 other user group Leaders Jacqueline Hutchinson & Peter Piluk


Bruse at Energize IT

Pierre, Bruce, Rick, Harp, John and Sasha

Pierre, Bruce, Rick, Harp, John and Sasha at Energize IT

Here am I introducing the hands on lab that I was proctoring yesterday. I should have brought a camera.

After looking at Christian (middle) and Rodney (right), maybe I should join their “competition” Garth at Energize IT

There are others that are missing for this list like Mitch and Kim! Maybe later today more photos will be posted. Do a search on flicker for more photos.

My question is when will Energize IT be held again? It has been a while and what is Microsoft Canada doing these days for events!

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