The disabled ruler feature within SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) (post SQL 2005) is one of my pet peeves! Whenever I use BIDS or SSDT I have to enable the ruler and I find this very frustrating.

Since I don’t use BIDS (post SQL 2005) or SSDT that often, I sometimes spend at least an hour searching online to find out where the ruler setting is hiding.

You would think that it would be straight forward (Tools | Options Menu), but it isn’t.

To save you from this frustration, as well as my future self, I am putting down once and for all these crucial steps.

Go to Report | View | Ruler. That’s it!

Enabling the Ruler - Report - View - Ruler

Once the ruler is enabled, you can ensure that your report will fit on a standard-sized page.

Enabling the Ruler - Ruler Enabled

Unfortunately, what makes this even more annoying is that the ruler needs to be enabled EACH TIME you edit a report!

If you are as annoyed with this as I am, please vote up my suggestion on Visual Studio User Voice!