As I have already posted I am taking a personal interest course in Bartending to go along with my bar setup (first picture). As part of my final exam I need to:

  • Modify four existing cocktails to ( the best two will be selected and graded)
    • make it cheaper (ie replace Grand Marnier with Triple Sec)
    • easier to make ( Reduce the number of liquors, thereby making it faster)
  • Create 4 original drinks:
    • 1 Shooter
    • 1 Short cocktail
    • 1 Cocktail
    • 1 my choice.

So over the last few weeks I have already started this process, Ellen and I have been testing all of the creations. 🙂

To help me remember some of these drinks, I will blogging them. Both the ones that work and the ones that don’t work. In either case I will tell you why it does or doesn’t work.

BTW, No, I’m not going for Tom Cruise in Cocktail but I now know how to do the flaming Coffee’s! 🙂