After 4 hours of frigging around I have determined that the WSUS 3.0 setup package is a piece of crap! And the Team that wrote it, needs to work in the real world for a while!


Check out this error Message!!


“Command line parameter not valid.” Normally I would say this would make sense however if you have ever done a WSUS 3.0 setup you will know that you DON’T normally pass any parameters to the WSS 3.0 setup!


But is gets better!!!! It tells you to check out the log file. I like log files! For all SMS/ConfigMgr site I have a small  SMSI package to just install SMS Trace into the %windir% on all PCs!!! So the log file say “Failed to open SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup registry key (Error 0x80070002: The system cannot find the file specified.)” Imaging that the Key does not exist!!!! but that key didn’t exist before I installed WSUS 3.0 either so I’m flabbergasted as to how I ever got it installed in the first place!!!  


<sarcastically he said > I must not have ever got it installed!!! <sarcasm off>




So now I have a ConfigMgr Site with WSUS not installed properly at all and the WSUS log file is less than useless! Truly it is time for the WSUS team to wake up a fix their setup! All of my searching the Net has found that I’m not the only one who had problems re-installing WSUS 3.0 and the log file and TechNet KBs for WSUS leaves lots to be desired!



So what am I to do?? I Can’t install WSUS 3.0, I can’t uninstall WSUS 3.0? I have a ConfigMgr site in limbo that I clearly can’t use it like it is.


I’m left wondering if it would be faster for me to “Format C:” and start again! How I  do I miss ITMU now!!! SUP are cool when it is working but… Right now, I would take ITMU over a SUP!