• The upgrade from Vista is slow slow slow!
  • I’m not impressed that VMRCPlus can’t be run on Windows 7. I almost want to return to Vista just because of this one Program alone! However I have a note into the author at MS to see if/when there will be an update to VMRCPlus. I will hold out for a week to see how much this p1$$ me off, by not being able to work with my VMs. SCVMM will do the trick, but I don’t like that you can’t adjust the screen size on the fly.
  • What happened to my Quick Launch bar?
  • Why does MSN stay on my task bar when I’m signed in? I need/want the real estate for other things!
  • What happened to Texas Hold’em and Tinker?
  • I’m not finding it faster than Vista.

It is amazing how the little things drive you nuts!