For whatever reason MS has by default disable the Keyboard class within SCCM and I have notice that there a number of important classes that are disable within SCCM.


I wonder if they are trying to “save” network bandwidth , CPU cycles, Disk IO, etc by disabling more classes. Although this class is not all that important of a class, there are a number of new classes that are disabled by default. This seem to fly in the face of what they want ConfigMgr to do by having it provide more asset management data.


So my question to MS is where is the list of classes and attributes within the SMS_DEF.MOF that have been disable and why?


Personally, I don’t understand why class like have been disabled by default:

–          Software License Product

–          Software License Service

–          USB Devices

–          Browser Helper Object

–          Installed Executable

–          AutoStart Software

–          Etc.


This seem to me as they are shooting themselves in the foot, in my option the over head is little but the value is so great. They (MS) must understand that most ConfigMgr Admins will never enable these class, mostly because they will never know that they exist nor do they understand how / what to do to enable them. Therefore when management within these company asked for this type of information they will get told ConfigMgr does not collect that information.


Ultimately, this will help consultants that focus on Asset management or competitors that “fill” that gap.