Sorry about not posting the last few days, I had a cold that has kept me in bed.


Over the last few days I added a new physical server into my test lab. Because for the noise that it makes it has been relegated to the corner of the basement, I have been using terminal server and iLo to remotely set I up.


After installing Windows 2003, I want to make sure that the SMS pickup the server and added in to the normal schedule for Hot fixes and alike.


After forcing the AD System Discovery, I notice that SMS had not installed on the Servers. I quickly found that there are number of errors that Neither MOM nor SMS had flagged as issue and there I was not aware of any issue. The best one was within the CCM.log


File D:\SMS\inboxes\clidata.src\caplist.ini not accessible (2). Waiting 30 seconds & retrying


This error was repeating once every 30 seconds for over 2 weeks or longer. My log files only go back for 2 weeks so I have no idea as to how long this has been going on.


After looking in the directory for caplist.ini and not finding it, I copy the one from D:\SMS\inboxes\clicomp.src\clidata.src and he problem disappeared.


This led me to looking at a other log files and Status message and I’m also having a problem with the last 3 PCs that I added into my test lab not running ITMU v3 correctly. Because of the Clod I have I have not spent any time working on the issue yet.


What I’m trying to say it despite what the SMS console says you need to review the log file and status message on regular bases. I would recommend reviewing them once a week as least. Now only if I could find the time follow my own recommendations.