I’m working on a major project that requires me to have several Virtual Servers running at one time.


Well today we had some thunderstorms that knock out the power for a short time. Well I was happy because I installed UPS’s every where!


1 for the internet connect, router and network switches

1 for old server + my laptop

2 for my primary server

1 for my home theater system


Not once, but three times, the power when out and in every case my network, servers, workstation and internet connection still worked perfectly! Well mostly…


When I bought the primary server I connect the UPS cables to the server via a small USB hub. I tested the load on each UPS by un-plugging the other UPS.  Everything worked fine. I even tested that it would shutdown the server before it ran out of power, simulate of course.


Today on the second power outage, which was only about 8 seconds, my primary server shut it self down. Now I’m grateful that I didn’t “lose” any thing but I did learn two things!

  • Make sure that your setup the UPS software to not shut down your server when the power is lost for 8 second.
  • I need to tune the WaitToKillServerTimeout, it seem too long.


I guest that I will have to add that to my list of things to do tomorrow.