I like the VMRC+ but for whatever reason it will not work on my new laptop with Vista! It works perfectly on WinXP SP2!

Well before I left on my Train  and Holiday trip, OWSUG had a meeting about security, anyways after that meeting Rodney and I talked about a few things and I was telling him that had not found the KB that list the firewall rules for VMRC+ and I even RTFMed include the VS 2005 docs. All the ports listed within either doc had been fully opened!

To make a long story short, I followed up with Rodney a few days later and He sent me this link. https://blogs.technet.com/tnmag/archive/2007/10/15/utility-spotlight-virtual-machine-remote-control-plus.aspx

However this will not allow VMRC+ to pass the firewall, so today I took a bit of time and figured out that not only do you need Ports, 5900, 1024, 137 and 138. You also need port 135 open.

  • Port 5900, which is the default port for the VMRC server
  • Port 1024, which is the default port for the Administration Website
  • Ports 137 and 138, the TCP and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports, for the Kerberos V5 ticket-granting authority
  • Port 135 which is the EPMap port

Now I can stop disabling my firewall when I want to use VMRC+ !