Well during half time yesterday I finally got the XP backup to finish.


Tip: Turn on McAfee before starting your backup. It will reduce the back up time from 6 hours to less than an hour. For security reasons I disconnected the PC from the network.


1st problem it need a Floppy drive!!!! Who has a floppy drive any more? Lucky for me Ellen has a USB Floppy drive for her Laptop.


2nd problem (same problem as before) VS does not support USB devices. So I created yet another VHD and copied the Backup to it.


I notice that the size was bigger than my current Fat32 VHD, so I create yet another fixed size VHD this time 32 Gig!


After the Super bowl, I attached the USB HD to my VS server and started to copy the BKF file the newly formatted VHD. For whatever reason the copy will not occur! I do some research on the error message of “incorrect parameters” or something like that and I find no relevant articles. I rename the backup file to laptop.gmj and the copy will not happen! I play with it for another hour and them finally gave up.


In the end I have decide that IE 7 has cost me over a week worth of time and at least on HD! As to ensure that I have a full backup of my laptop I will replace the HD with a new laptop HD and place the existing HD within a portable USB HD case.


Now it is time to go off to the store a buy the new HD.