I left this house this morning at ~10:30 a.m. to go buy a new HD for my laptop. I stop by the in-laws to drop of a package on my way to the computer store. My Mother-in-law decided to come shopping with me to look at a new laptop for her. To make a long store short, I didn’t get back home until ~12:30 it is now 4:00 and I have fully re-built my laptop with a new HD, WinXP, Office 11, McAfee 8.0, MSN and VB Express 2005.


This includes downloading and applying 75 hot fixes for a total of 130 MB and applying. Add the WS into a domain, add the SMS client to the WS, updating the sms_def.mof to the latest version. Defragging the workstation before install Office and after install everything and moving the old HD into the portable USB HD case.


I would have like to deploy this WS using BDD but that will be another time.


I’m happy again.


Only major stuff to complete now is importing my email, contact and favorites, but that will have to wait until after the study group meeting today, now I off to talk to Brad about OWSUG.ca stuff before tonight meeting.