At last week’s user group meeting, I hand out a quick survey of the event and what topic we should do next.

The results are fairly interesting:

  • Take more that 10 minutes to write a survey and have someone else proof read it. (Foot) 🙂
  • The session content applied to everyone
  • The session was not too technical
  • Most people don’t care about if we server food
    • Some will even pay for their own
  • Most people still don’t want sale pitch presentation from vendors
    • Unless the vendor provide an “open bar” – I liked that note.
  • There is interest for an Exchange Study group
  • The location is convenient to everyone.
  • A number of people would like to volunteer to help out the OWSUG


Also interesting to note that the average client base was over 5000 client.


So what does this mean, well I think this it means

  • We need to do surveys more regularly
  • Work more with the other User Groups
  • Determine if there is a enough interest for a Exchange Study group
  • Find 3 Co-leaders to run this study group
  • When they are ready, create a forum, mailing list and blog for the group


Topic of interest to the User Group:

  • Virtual Machine Manager and Hyper-v
  • SharePoint
  • Server performance
  • Exchange

Now I have to find someone to present them. 🙂