So I have been asked a few time, “How can I become a trainer” well the answer is simple become a certified with a premium certification, then take the Train the Trainer (TTT) course.


The second question I get asked is why did I become a MCT, the answer is a tough one but I really want to work on my presentation skills and the TTT course is a good way to do that. Teh funny thing is I’m only interested in teaching a few course.


·         Configuration Manger

·         SMS 2003

·         OpsMgr


There is the funny part, even though I had allot to do with the Configuration Manager course (6451), I can’t teach it until August 1 or when every I pass 70-298 exam.  


So if you want to work on your presentation skills and become a MCT, here is the course that I took and yes their next session are August 5th and November 12th the Trainer training, watch out these session might fill up fast because only a few people are allowed into each session.