Yesterday I was talking about the System Center Configuration Manager Enterprise Administrator, anyways I was quickly asked what I thought would be appropriate for OpsMgr.


OpsMgr is a bit different than ConfigMgr, I don’t think that you need to know about Workstation, Licensing or Packaging (as much). However saying that, it should NOT make getting the OpsMgr Enterprise Admin certification any easier! On the contrary you are still going to need about the same number of exams as the ConfigMgr Enterprise Admin and there is some overlap between the two.



OpsMgr Enterprise admin must know about IIS, PKI, Networks, DHPC, DNS, etc. even more so that ConfigMgr therefore they should know

70-640, 70-642, and 70-643

And either

70-646 or 70-647



SQL is important part of OpsMgr both from it using it and from the of need of creating reports for management. It just can’t be overlooked.

70-431 or 70-432


OpsMgr exam of course



Again I’m sure that some people will say I have made this too hard to achieve, again this maybe so but as OpsMgr Enterprise Admin you will need to know everything server related and for that matter you still should know about workstations too! The question that will come up is 6 exams too much? Unlike a regular Win2k8 Enterprise Admin, OpsMgr Admin need to know far more to get the job done, so Yes 6 exams is fair! For that matter during my discussion over what a OpsMgr Enterprise Admin should know the question about Unix and LAN/WAN/Networking equipment came up. I have deliberately not added those in but you will find that many OpsMgr Enterprise Admin require this knowledge too.


BTW If the was adopted today, I would be missing a one of these exams myself! I would still need the OpsMgr exam!