I was talking to another senior ConfigMgr guy today, who is thinking of updating his certification. We talked about what certification he should get to meet his goals. Anyway after reviewing my blog post about System Center Configuration Manager Enterprise Administrator, he said “Wow that is a lot of certs!”. I thought about and following the idea of MCSE and MCSA. Here is was I think that you need for a MCSA version and I think it should be called System Center Configuration Manager Administrator.



If a ConfigMgr Admin does not know about workstations then what are they doing working with ConfigMgr.

70-620 or CHAMP


OS Deployment

In this day and age, OS Deployment is an important part of ConfigMgr as an Administrator you must know this.

70-635, 70-624 or 70-622



Just like workstations, ConfigMgr administrator must know about IIS, PKI, Networks, DHPC, DNS, etc.

one of 70-640, 70-642, 70-643


ConfigMgr exam of course


These gives a good base for a ConfigMgr administrator and will give you a good start on becoming an ConfigMgr Enterprise Administrator. So for this I would middle level certification, I have passed all of the requirements for this already.


OpsMgr Enterprise Admin

I still need 70-400. I am slowly working on it but holidays and work are getting in the way of me completing this exam. It is not going to help that I have just booked myself into a personal interest course for the next 7 weeks either! So I’m not sure when I will get this done.


ConfigMgr Enterprise Admin

I still need the Packaging exam and the Licensing exam to complete this high level title.


Does OpsMgr Enterprise Administrator also require an MCSA equivalent? If so what should the requirements be?

Do you meet the requirements for any of these certifications as I have laid them out? If so send me an email with your transcript sharing information.