So last night I was at the OttawaSQL.Net UG meeting, Colin Melia did a 400 Level (really it was a 500+, truly a deep dive!) about using SRS to collect data from different data source.

Anyways, Colin used Ashton Kutcher twitter account as a data source and displayed a chart of times when he post and the average # of words he posts. Although I don’t follow or use twitter that much (yes, I have an account ), I found it, very interesting how using SRS you could create a report using a data source that was not SQL based.

All ConfigMgr admin would have love it! Why you ask, well the answer is simple one of the most common questions that come up is “I need to link data between my ConfigMgr database and database xyz to do reporting, How can I do it?”. Colin’s presentation showed you how to do it and some other cool and funky stuff! I will be talking to Colin about Co-presenting to OWSUG presentation about link together ConfigMgr data and another data source like EPO, Symantec or Excel file.

Anyways, after the meeting I told Colin to post code to his blog. He is not sure that it is a blog worthy! I think otherwise! So if you want to see the code or see the charts about Ashton Kutcher twittering. We need to convince Colin that this is a good idea!

So post message to his blog or his twitter account !

BTW, for those of you who don’t know Colin he was one of the driving forces for this year’s Award night!