Here is an update to the “SP3 Inventory causing 100% CPU issues” from the newsgroups again.


Thank you very much for reporting the details. Microsoft has identifies this
issue when certern files are in Run registry. This happens for TIGHTVNC
1.2.6, and also other files if they meet the following condition:
They are registered in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (or some
other auto run locacations)
The file language is a mixed language (more than 1 language). You can check
the language of in the file version window.
The current user locale is different than the file languages

Right now, we know that TOSHIBA has a file TMERzCtl.EXE, which may also
cause this problem when the user locale is not US, Japan or China.

The workaround is disabling SMS_AutoStartSoftware class in sms_def.mof.
Microsoft will release a KB article for this shortly.