This is another popular question. There is no right or wrong answer to this: the simple answer is “it depends”. The second question is “what does it depend on?”; well this is where questions like these are asked:


–         How many sites do you have?

–         What does your AD look like?

–         How many advertisements will you have?

–         What is the average deployment size of each package?

–         Are you using BDD?

–         What are you setting your inventory times to?

–         How many of your clients roam?

–         How many SMS Administrators do you have?

o       Where are they located?

–          What is your existing bandwidth to each site?

o       At 10 am what is its current average usage?

o       At 10 am what is its current peak usage?

o       What is its daily peak and average usages?

–         Etc.


The best answer to this is to download and run the SMS 2003 Capacity Planner


This will give you an idea of how to set up your SMS environment. Also consider hiring an experienced SMS consultant or doing a MS SMS Quickstart / Solution Accelerator.