The other day I purchased a new monitor as I was tired of looking at my 17” monitor and trying to have two documents side by side.  So I order and received a new 22” monitor.  However shortly after installing it I started to see a flicker on the screen.  I found this to be very annoying!  So after finishing off the main deliverable for my current project I upgrade the drivers on my laptop.  Things when from bad to worse, so finally today I was trying to decide if I should upgrade my exist laptop`s HD or buy a new one.

Well I purchase a new 7200 RPM 60 GB HD for my laptop and a USB case for the old HD.

So I have just finished upgrading my laptop to Vista Ultimate, Office 2007 and OneCare.  The biggest issue so far from the upgrade has been trying to find drivers for the video card, which I did eventually find. This will help me with the study group 70-620 Vista Config exam that I am a member of.

I`m desperately trying to resist the urge to change Vista to `Classic mode` and I’m not sure that I like Word but I will give it a try. If I remember in a week I will post what I think about Vista, Office and OneCare.