I was reading within the newsgroup a question about how to get mapped drives within SMS. I post a message telling the gentleman to use the SMSExpert Datashift vb script. Anyways he had a problem with data returning to SMS. After many emailsI wanted to test it in my test lab so here are the steps to capture this data.

1) Add to the SMS_def.mof the following:

#pragma namespace(“\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\SMS“)
#pragma deleteclass(“SMX_Drives”,NOFAIL)

[SMS_Report(TRUE), SMS_Group_Name(“Drive Summary”), SMS_Class_ID(“MICROSOFT|SMXDrives|1.0”)]

class SMX_Drives : SMS_Class_Template
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    boolean Compressed;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string   Description;
[SMS_Report(TRUE),key]    string  DeviceID;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    uint32  DriveType;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  FileSystem;
[SMS_Report(TRUE),SMS_Units(“Kilobytes”)] uint64  FreeSpace;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    uint32  MediaType;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Name;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  ProviderName;
[SMS_Report(TRUE),SMS_Units(“KiloBytes”)] uint64  Size;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  VolumeName;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string VolumeSerialNumber;

2) Compile the SMS_def.mof on all clients
3) Run datashift script on site server
4) Force Hardware inventory to run, I used forcehw.vbs
5) Wait for table to be created with SQL
6) Force policy cycle on client or wait 24 hours plus.
7) Run datashift on client.

 Here are the results.

Attachment: forcehw.txt