Yesterday someone asked the following question within the SMS Mailing list. However I needed access to my SMS db before I could answer them, plus I though that this would be a good blog post for today.


Does anyone know of the best way to export any customizations that you have added to the Software Inventory – Inventory Names section?  Transfer Site Settings wizard doesn’t seem to pick up that data.”


Here is a quick SQL script to back and re-import all changes make to the Inventory names.



‘exec sp_InsertConversionRule “‘+ ConversionRules.OriginalName +'”, “‘+ConversionRules.NewName+'”, “‘+ ConversionTypes.ConvertType+'”‘





ConversionTypes.ConvertTypeId = ConversionRules.ConvertTypeId


BTW you will get errors if you try to re-import a duplicate names. Most of these will be from the MS Inventory Names