Do you go to User Group event? Have you gone out for pints afterwards? Did you know some of the best idea come from the informal after events?

Here is a case and point of how a few people (and yes there was woman there too!) can brainstorm and come up with an idea that helps everyone. “Security Bulletins for the regular IT guy” Podcast

On side note I was met with Bruce Cowper yesterday, He is the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Canada. One of the ideas that I asked him to consider is arranging for a presentation to OWSUG (hopefully recording it too) on Patch management.

· How to catch up on past software updates

· Best practices with respect to testing software updates.

· How to “sell” software updates to Management

· How to “sell” software updates to End clients

· How to deploy software updates to end clients with the least amount of disruption.

· Reporting Software update compliancy levels.

That last item, I got “roped” into updating a query that I wrote for ConfigMgr “Patch compliance progression report” to make it more useful.