On Monday night I was helping out at the SMS Expert booth and I got to witness the on slot of people trying to get buttons to the myITForum party. The funny part about this was to see the reaction of the other vendors trying to figure out why there was a mad rush to the MIF booth!


On Tuesday I manned the MIF booth from 2 until 5:30 aka the start of the party so that Megan, Rod, Ron, April, et al could setup for the party. During that time it was a little quite and a few vendors came over to me to ask what the deal about Monday night was. I told them about the Community and all of them wanted to know about sponsorship, since I am not the right person to talk to about that I told them to talk to the Megan or Rod about that but it was funny to see the vendor reaction to find out that I was just one member of the community helping out.