On Monday there we a lot of people who did not get a button to the MIF party! On Tuesday MS release more buttons and Ron and I came up with the idea to have people sign up on a waiting list by picking number and signing up against that number and we use a random number generator to pick 40 numbers and when you sign up if you picked one of those number you won a badge!


Since I was manning booth before the party I had A LOT of people asking for a button and I had one button for one someone getting an award. So we agreed that if they did not pick it up by 5 o’clock that we would give it away then.


It was very nice to see that a few people who for many reason decided that they could not go to the party decided to hand in / or pass on they button to other so that they could attend. I was there when Duncan gave his away to a first time MMS attendee, Monica Waterhouse gave me her button, and a 1 other stop by the booth and give me their button that they were not going to use. However John did come by and pick up he button.


Throughout out the day I had a few people continually stop by the booth asking for buttons and I kept telling them to come back at 5 o’clock.


At 5 o’clock we had a group of people waiting for buttons. Anthony and I got ready and we use the same random number generator to draw the 2 buttons that we had at 5.


At 5:26 or so, a nice lady walks up to the booth and asked for a button, she told me how everyone else from her group had gotten a button and she was not luck enough to get one. It was hard to tell her that I just had not buttons left to give her. As she started to walk away from the booth a guy walked and gives me a button that he was not going to use. I called the lady back and give it to her! She was very happy and had a smile from ear to ear.