I like most people today, I will be eating turkey dinner tonight with family. In the mean time I am working on my new laptop upgrading it from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. I had to laugh when the first time I tried to upgrade it, it failed because because of a software issue with Vista. How can that be when it is already running Vista!?!?!?!

As soon as I upgrade the new laptop, I will be downgrading my old laptop to XP. https://smsug.ca/blogs/garth_jones/archive/2007/09/22/644.aspx Having a Vista Windows Experience Number of 1.0 (or see slide 8 from https://owsug.ca/forums/thread/415.aspx) really sucks and from what I can see, a 1.0 score means that the video card is not DirectX 9 compatible but I don’t understand that when it was running DirectX 9 already.

Hey I’m not complaining as I bought the last laptop as a “throw away” laptop that was to last a year. It lasted 21 months so…  

When I have time again I will have to post my ordeal with buying a new laptop.