I am working on an idea to be used by the community. While researching this idea, I ran into a problem with Flash. After some time I found out that this issue is Flash does not work on Internet Explorer 64Bit.

Well I thought that if Flash will not do it then Silverlight it is!

To my surprise, I got the following message!


It turns out that Silverlight does not support 64bit either! I find this ironic considering that MS pushing everyone to use 64bit everything! So why are they not doing it with their own stuff!

So what does this mean for my community project? Well the answer is simple, everything is already using Flash so why change! On 64bit OS it will look like crap! So I will try to talk Rod & Ron to see what they want to do about it, if anything.

As Mike Homes would say “Make it Right” or “Do it Right”, this is NOT the case with the Silverlight team and they should be ashamed of themselves for the flawed attempt at taking on Adobe! They will never do it if they don’t “Do it Right”.

So what this means, well ultimately Flash wins because of the apathetic attempt by the Silverlight team!


On a side note, look for this community project sooner than later since there is nothing more that I can do to fix this.