Well this update is a little late but better late than never.


After a full week of the case being open, I finally got someone to start working on my case, a guy by the name of Wesley M., Wesley and I talk about my issue and he reviewed my test application. Wesley fairly quick determined that the issue that I was having is a limitation within the SMS SDK and there is not easy fix or work around for this issue.


Since then I have sent an email to both smsdocs@microsoft.com and smsdkdoc@microsoft.com describing the issues, with screen shots, So far no answer from either email alias. Also I asked for more examples for both VB.Net 2005 and vb script.


I also sent an email to Wesley boss to letting her know that this case will get a failing grade but it was not Wesley who is getting the failing grade it was everyone else.


This case is closed, but the issue is not gone. Maybe I can track down someone at this weeks airlift to talk about my issue.


BTW Wesley says his main focus is not the SMS SDK but WMI so for everyone who has a WMI problem ask for Wesley in NC.