Here is the MOF edit for DataShift – Printers found on the SMS Expert Site

Datashift – Printers will return a list of Printers including Network printers, which SMS/ConfigMgr can’t.


#pragma namespace(“\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\SMS”)

#pragma deleteclass(“SMX_Printer”,NOFAIL)


[SMS_Report(TRUE), SMS_Group_Name(“Printer Information”), SMS_Class_ID(“MICROSOFT|SMXPrinterInfo|1.0”)]


class SMX_Printer: SMS_Class_Template


[SMS_Report(TRUE)]   String Comment;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]   boolean Default  ;

[SMS_Report(TRUE),Key]   string  DeviceID;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]   String  DriverName;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    boolean Local;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Location;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  Name;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    boolean Network;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  PortName;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    uint32 PrinterState

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  ServerName;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    boolean Shared;

[SMS_Report(TRUE)]    string  ShareName;