When I started this Blog I intend to have one entry per day. As I review how well I have done I have noticed that I have holes in my blog.


January 1, 17, 21, 22, 24

February 23 Technically there was a blog entry here but there is a very log story as to why it is not there now.

March 15, 16, 17, 18


So my longest run with out holes is 49 days January 25th – March 14th.


So I’m going to catch up by doing a few double posts each day. Also I have found out that you can pre-post some blog entries that will not get posted until a particular date and time. So in order to not miss my goal of one blog per day while I’m at MMS I am pre-posting. Keep in mind that if something good comes up at MMS a topic will get bumped until later.


So by April 1 I need 91 posts and what I have in the queue is 87 + this one, which means I need to come up with 3 more posts.


Listed in no particular order:

  • Chassis Bootup Status
  • Wakeup Type
  • Admin Password Status
  • 11 years
  • Thermal State
  • MMS 2007
  • One more reason to use…
  • DST
  • Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 3
  • SMS data and who should have access to it


How about:

  • Win32_Bios aka PC Bios
  • Auto Reboot
  • Bootup State