In reply to Paul’s Blog entitled “Counting clients – the SQL details”


Well, I’m not a big fan of v_R_system view basically it includes more than just SMS clients, which can throw off your numbers. However, if you assume that healthy PCs return data to the v_GS_* views, then using these views is better because what you are really saying is “here are the results for only the healthy PCs within SMS”.


Hence this is why I use the v_GS_* views, however I do have to agree that the “obsolete0=0” flag is useful. But one of the problems is that management always asks why the numbers don’t match! So instead of explaining it for the umpteenth time, I try to be constant with my queries so that they will always match (or more closely match) and therefore they trust the results more.


Paul is also right about using the count (Distinct name0) again this leads to the question of how are PCs decommission or re-imaged. Why are PCs re-imaged with the same name? But that is topic for another blog.


Ultimately, it is the SMS administrator who needs to define what a good PC is or is not.  Using tools like the client health tools and regularly removing “Obsolete” and duplicate PCs from the db will ensure that the db is only populated with good data. Understanding the errors within your query is half the battle as it will allow you to explain the details to anyone who asks. I also recommend that you set management / service desk / server team / etc. expectations as to the result for any SMS task or data.  Once they have a basic understanding of the data or performance of SMS, it makes both their life and your life easier.


The chainsaw is a deadly weapon and some of MS’s staffers know that!  Very soon I will get my hand on my Chainsaw again or maybe I will become a Guitar Hero.