MS Canada is putting on a Softgrid airlift on February 20-21 in Mississauga. This is a 300 level course. See you there.

Microsoft customers are generating significant demand for Softgrid as it is an innovative Application Virtualization technology to address traditional pains around application support across multiple Operating Systems.  Softgrid, provides customers the ability to run multiple versions of the same application on the same PC, it reduces Application Packaging and Compatibility testing time as well as reduced Software Patch Management cycles.  To learn more about how Softgrid works and how it will help your customers – join us for this 2-day hands-on training.

About the Training:
Through technical presentations and hands-on labs delivered by Sajid Khan, a Technology Solutions Professional for Management Solutions at Microsoft Canada you will learn how to deliver this solution to your customers.

Who should attend: This technical training is targeted to IT Professionals with Microsoft technology partner organizations.

This workshop requires that the audience meets the following prerequisites:
• General understanding of Microsoft Windows XP
• The ability to install, maintain and troubleshoot common desktop applications
• General understanding of Active Directory Group Memberships

Session Agenda:
• Introduction to Softgrid
• Server and Client Planning and Installation
• Hands on Lab: Installing Softgrid Components
• Softgrid Administration
• Hands on labs: Deploying Softgrid Applications
• Hands on Lab: Virtual Application Deployment Challenge Lab #1

Day 2
• Introduction to the Softgrid Sequencer
• Sequencing Softgrid Applications
• Hands on Lab: Sequencing an application
• Advanced Sequencing Topics
• Hands on Lab: Advanced Sequencing Scenarios
• Hands on Lab: Virtual Application Deployment Challenge Lab #2

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