Drink type: Nightcap

Glassware:  Old Fashion

Mixing: Shaken


1 oz Cream

1 oz Cream de Cacao

1 oz Xtabentún


Story: Xtabentun is a liquor that Ellen and I were introduced to on our honeymoon and as you can guess from the name we when to Aventura Spa Palace.  Generally we like Xtabentun as a sipping drink but I thought that I would try it as a nightcap. The taste of the honey come out more and the anise become more of secondary flavour.


Rating: Since This is the first drink posted, I’m an still working out the kinks in the scoring system.

Ellen: She is not a big fan of cream based drinks but she found the flavour in this drink.

Me: I like nightcaps and this one will certainly be one of the ones that I will drink!