Day two started off the same as day one, 2 hours of death by PowerPoint, just when you though that the day would be like that all Sajid started with the hands on labs.


Today’s labs where:

  • Deploying Adobe Reader
  • Upgrading Adobe Reader (neat)
  • Troubleshooting tips


To close out the day, Sajid and David ran a contest. We where given three packages to deploy and execute on a Windows XP desktop. Each package had at least one issue with it and you need to solve them. Since there is another airlift next week I will not spill the beans on how to solve the each of the issues but I will say.



  • There is more than one way to solve most of these problems
  • Listen very carefully when they talk about how to troubleshoot problems.


What I though about the airlift.

  • Need better PCs
  • Although I like the way Sajid/David did the labs, it still would have been better to have lab manuals.
  • I REALLY  REALLY like the “Contest / testing your knowledge” and I hope they do it again for the next Canadian airlift!!! No I did not win maybe next time.
  • I think this was better than the SCOM airlift back in November
  • Also for the most part it was better than January’s SC airlift because of the hand on labs where that much better + my luggage don’t get lost this time.